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What are Goals?

Firstly, we need to make a clear distinction between goals and wishes. Goals are something that you actively strive towards. They are clear objectives. They are something that you set your heart and mind on, form a plan and do everything you can to work towards achieving. A wish is something that you hope for. A dream or an ideal but not something that you actively pursue. More so something that we sit and ponder, ¨wouldn´t it be nice if…¨. Now please do not stop wishing and keep dreaming big but to turn those wishes and dreams into reality we need action steps. Achieved goals don´t just appear over night. They materialize through a series of action steps and patience.

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How to set goals

Goal setting is the first step in organising your life into action. Without this first step, we tend to wander aimlessly, and we are more a result of the things that happen to us and not a product of our own choices, decisions and actions. 

The motivational factor of achieved goals is priceless as it spurs you on to even greater levels of success

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Tony Robbins

5 Quick Goal Questions

Think about these questions for a moment. There is no need to commit pen to paper on this yet. We will break these goals down into sections in a moment and through following the necessary action steps form a workable plan towards the realisation of your goals and ambitions.

  1. Do you set goals regular goals for yourself?
  2. Do you have short term (now to 6 months) goals?
  3. Do you have medium term goals (6 to 12 months) goals?
  4. Do you have long term goals (1 to 5 years) goals?
  5. Do you have one really special goal?

How to accomplish your goals

5 reasons why goal setting is an essential key to success

It´s important to note here that while positive thinking is key to achieving goals, you must take action steps towards realizing your goals. Positive thinking alone will not help you achieve your dreams and goals. 

Goals provide clarity

Do not confuse activity with accomplishment. Goal setting provides clarity. It is the light shining on the steps that enables you to plant your feet firmly and tread in the right direction. When your goals are clear, it enables you to put put time, effort and energy into the things that matter most.

Goals are a constant reminder

Written goals act as reminders of what it is that motivates you. They are a representation of your inner feelings and desires. Not every day will be a pleasurable experience and there will be days when your motivational levels are put to the test. Looking at your written goals on these days gives you the drive and determination to keep on pushing through the tough days as you keep your ´why´in mind.

Goals provide focus

We are back to the activity versus accomplishment again. There are lots of nice things that we could do. There are also lots of unimportant things that we could spend our time doing. However, focusing on the important things provides a channel towards the desired end result. Try to keep this in mind:

Things that get focus get attention. Things that get attention can be measured. Things that can be measured can be improved. Improvements work towards getting results. 

Goals make you accountable and responsible

Having written goals makes you take ownership of solving the problem and completing tasks. You have made a commitment to yourself and you are now accountable and responsible for getting things done and not just thinking or talking about them. That is not to say you have to do everything yourself. There may be others involved in the overall plan and others that will help keep you motivated and on track but ultimately the responsibility is yours. 

Goals stretch your capabilities

Working towards written goals takes you out of your comfort zone. Nothing out of the ordinary happens while you are in your comfort zone. No growth, no development, no learning and sooner or later no motivation. Stretching your capabilities, learning new skills and getting results builds confidence. It raises the bar of your potentials and honestly, achieving something that you had set out to do, big or small, just makes you feel good.Once you start to stretch your capabilities, you realize that when you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible.


Every decision you make and set of actions you commit to, counts out other decisions and actions. Therefore, everything we do will either move us further towards or further away from our goals. Delaying actioning a structured goal plan, will only delay the desired outcome. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the task, don´t worry. Your goals don´t have to be huge. You can start off small and as your confidence increases, so will your desire to achieve bigger goals. Sometimes going it alone can be a little daunting. If that is the case, reach out to someone who can help you. Having someone that holds you accountable for your own goals is a great person to have on your team. Remember that you will encounter failure along the way. However, understand that learning to cope with failure and rejection goes hand in hand with achieving goals

No excuses only results

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Wishing you every success



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