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Transparency and Clarity in Relationships

If you have been reading any of my recent posts, you may have come to the assumption that I'm a great thinker. In truth that's a giant leap, but it's fair to say that I'm a deep thinker. Some may argue that I think too much. I would argue that thinking things through and looking at different perspectives gives me a more holistic view of things that I am trying to accomplish or directions that I am looking to proceed in.

Anyway, what would you really expect from a Cancerian? We don´t move straight forward. We go this way, then we go that way and then we go back the other way just to check. We look at every possible direction and make a move only when we are certain of our direction and that the outlook is clear.

That is really the point of this article; Transparency and Clarity. 

Transparency and clarity in relationships

Although words like transparency and clarity have become popular buzz words of late in the workplace, the fact is that before entering into any relationship there needs to complete transparency and clarity.

The notion of transparency is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, many people use a veil to cover the parts they want people to see and then remove it in a false display of transparency for the parts they wish the world to see.

You can't be semi-transparent or transparent when the situation suits. You can choose to be either crystal clear or masquerade beneath smoke clouds and veils of deceit. You can't do both. Please don't misunderstand me. There will always be information that cannot be communicated for security reasons or to gain competitive advantage. But in general, transparency and clarity in communication processes is essential.

Why Aren't People Transparent?

There may be any number of reasons why people choose not to be transparent. In business, some may argue that if they are too transparent people will lose respect for them. I believe that they are confusing business transparency with allowing people inside their personal life. It's absolutely possible, to keep both of those things separate and still remain transparent

In our personal relationships, some may choose to use an intermittent veil to cover the transparency in order to hide things from a partner. It's my belief that your motives and commitment are questionable if you need to hide behind a shroud of deceit. Again, everyone has secret desires and wishes that cause no harm to anyone and there will always need to be a part of you that remains JUST YOU. This is not even nearly the same as deliberate deceit. Carry on being YOU. It's what makes you unique and wonderfully amazing and people will love you from the far corners of the world.

In either case, business or personal how many relationships have broken down because of lack of transparency?

I don't have an answer to this question and in truth I´m glad that I don´t. I prefer to concentrate on creating and nurturing my own business and personal relationships through transparency and clarity.

The irony of transparency is that it cannot be seen but it allows you to see everything.

Business networking

Changing Times and Transparency

The world is ever changing and thankfully so are the attitudes of many towards transparency and clarity. However, there are still some people stuck in the dark ages of cover ups and deceit. Employees expect more of their employers in respects of appreciation, communication and engagement. People want to know how they fit into the overall mission and objectives.

Personally, we have also come to expect more from our relationships. The dark ages of a superior dominant one sided force in our relationships has unfortunately not ended completely. However, more and more people are sharing. They are sharing roles and responsibilities in every aspect of their life and they are sharing dreams and visions for their future together. Doing what it takes, together, with transparency and clarity in an all-inclusive relationship.

People will only stay in a relationship for as long as there is some value in it for them. That doesn't need to be monetary value and in truth, if your reasons for staying in the relationship are solely based on money, you need a reality check.

There are some wonderfully intrinsic values that can be met, through a culture of transparency and clarity.

How to develop trust in relationships

Trust and Transparency

If trust is the foundation that we build our relationships on, it is transparency that builds the trust. The two things are inextricably linked as one serves the other and the other serves back. Without transparency, the trust goes and when the trust goes, there is little else to salvage from the relationship.

At the beginning of most relationships, people are cautious. There is give and take from both parties but often only in snippets of information as you don't want to bare your soul without testing or qualifying the integrity of the other person first. As the trust builds, then so does the amount of information exchanged between the two parties. The more open and transparent you are the more it is reciprocated by the other person. The result is two people with a shared vision, principles, ethics and integrity.

The flip slide, of course is when the trust is broken and people become less transparent as they retreat into their shells. Well that's what we Cancerians would do. Only to come out later when all is safe. Or, one party, for reasons best known to themselves and most probably for selfish reasons or ulterior motives, cast a veil over the transparency.

It´s my belief that once the transparency goes in any relationship, the warning lights start to flash and it's a slippery slope towards deceit and despair from there.

The sad thing is that sometimes we are so immersed in a relationship that unbeknown to us is shrouded in deceit. The reason is that very often the transparency is outside of the relationship. In that I mean that everyone else around you could see from a lightyear away, what was happening. Unfortunately for you, they had the privilege of having more information than you and so they were able to view the situation with infinitely more clarity than you.

Some Final Thoughts

The benefits of transparency to the overall well-being of the relationship are many but there are three below that are seriously worth consideration.

Shared Vision

Irrespective of the type of relationship, transparency provides an all-inclusive overall picture. It lets employees know exactly where they fit into the equation and their role in achieving organisational objectives.

In personal relationships, it is amongst many other things, the the sharing of joint dreams and visions. A quest for a better future through a journey of transparency, clarity, trust and understanding.

Solutions to Problems

Life and business is no bed of roses and there will always be problems of varying degrees. However, transparent communications and processes help to provide the clarity to identify workable solutions.

Quality Relationships

The overall quality of the relationship increases through the shared transparency. People come to realise that sharing will be reciprocated and as the trust builds, they understand that they can rely on other people to act in the best interests of the relationship.

Thank you for reading my thoughts on transparency and clarity

As always, your comments, feedback and suggestions are more than welcome

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