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What is a Confidence Crisis?

At some point in our lives, most of us are dealt a cruel blow and in extreme circumstances a series of blows. This often affects our confidence and has a compounding negative effect in many areas of our lives. What started out as nothing more than damaged pride, can turn into a confidence crisis in the blink of an eye. If you feel low on confidence at the moment or concerned about your confidence levels, you can check them here.

Believe in Yourself

Many things can trigger a confidence crisis, such as:

  • The break-up of a relationship
  • Losing your job
  • Being overlooked for a promotion

During these times, the smallest things are enough to accelerate stress levels and send you into a confidence crisis. It´s important to take control of the situation and whether you respond or react at the start of this crisis will determine whether you take control, or it takes control of you.

Take Control of Your Life

You must block out external factors and don´t let what others say or think about you get you down. Understand that this is one of life´s obstacles. Despite your best efforts, you can´t always win but you can come out the other side stronger. This is part of your journey. It´s a part that you might not like too much but keep moving and take things in your stride. Deciding on a course of action can be difficult as your crisis casts a veil of doubt over everything and the pathway isn´t clear. A good night’s sleep will help your mind become clearer and more positive ideas will start to surface. There´s nothing like a clear mind producing positive ideas to boost your confidence.

Keep a Record

Believe in yourself and succeed

Keep a diary, an agenda, a completed list. Call it what you will, but make sure that you write down every positive thing that happens each day, no matter how small. I know only too well, that you might find this difficult at first but once you start to do this, you will be surprised at how many positive things are happening. This will help you focus on positive happenings and solutions. It´s vital to practice this every day and doing so will free you from the roots of entanglement caused by negative thinking during the downward spiral to low confidence and self-esteem. Keep a record of your thoughts and feelings during this time and note the difference in attitude and how things are starting to happen for the better.

You are a product of the people you associate with

Take stock of the people around you and think about their contribution to your well-being. If there is someone who is draining your energy or holding you back, it could be a good time to put this relationship on hold for a moment. Good friends should never hold you back and you will probably find that you have lightened your load. It might be difficult at first, but go out of your way to forge new friendships and relationships. Ideally, look for people that will encourage you and bring out the best in you. In turn, give support to others. You will find this gives your confidence and sense of worth a terrific boost.

Targeted Focused Energy

Don´t compound stress levels by focusing on those things that you have no control over. Once you realize that the worst possible outcome will not stop you moving forward, you will gain a degree of positive perspective. You should only be focusing on those things that you have control over. Focusing on anything else is absolutely counter-productive to overcoming your confidence crisis. Keep an account of your thoughts and words and dispel the negative ones at all costs.

 Visualize a Positive Outcome

Look forward not backwards

It´s very useful to think positively about the situation at hand and how you can move forward. Think about all the factors involved and possible solutions. Commit pen to paper again and for every obstacle, no matter how small, list some measures that you can take to put you back on the right track. It´s vital to keep your end goal in mind and let your subconscious work on providing a route to a positive outcome. If you know someone who has come out of a similar situation successfully, enlist their help. Ask them what they did and what they think of your ideas. They just might have some ideas and strategies that you haven´t thought of. Most importantly, you have to think and act like the confident person you are going to be. Sooner or later, it won´t be an act and you will be striding over those obstacles with great newfound confidence.

Although it´s important to visualize, developing self-confidence is much more than thinking about positive outcomes. It´s actually a complete way of being and there are other things you can practice to boost your confidence levels, such as:

  • Dressing well or a change of style will make you feel and look good.
  • Take regular exercise will increase energy.
  • A good night’s sleep, will help you think more clearly.

You need to learn to like the sound of your own voice again. You don´t need to preach to everyone or hog the conversation but you do need to have the confidence to speak up when needed. Every time you don´t speak up, the roots of entanglement will try to take a hold on your confidence. Every time you accept what happens or what someone says, for fear of voicing your opinion, these roots are going to stifle the growth of your self-esteem and confidence. Don´t fall into the trap of thinking that people won´t be interested in what you have to say. They may find it very interesting if only you would have the confidence to speak. Besides, you know the person that always seems to be hogging the limelight and giving their opinion to everyone? Most people are fed up with listening to them, so you have a great chance of being a breath of fresh air to the conversation.

Even by adopting all of the above, things are unlikely to change overnight. Remember that this is a process of change, and changes take time. What you do need is spades full of belief in yourself and a positive outcome. That belief is going to be the determining factor in you working through your confidence crisis and coming out the other side, as a stronger and more confident you.

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