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Main Causes of Stress

Many things can cause stress. Some of these are normal events such as a job interview, delivering a presentation or taking your driving test. In isolation, it´s perfectly normal to feel stressed under these circumstances. The ugly truth about stress over long periods of time is that it can cause health and psychological problems. This long term exposure to stress can be a result of personal problems, environmental issues or job related pressure. You can find stress management tips here.

How to control stress

Personal stress

Personal stress can come via a number of different channels:


Suffering from chronic ailments that may reduce your normal activity levels and cause for a need in change of lifestyle can bring on stress and anxiety.


Many people experience losing jobs at a time in their life that makes it more difficult to secure new employment.

Relocating your family to another city or even another country can have its exciting part as it may provide fresh opportunities. However, uprooting, along with everything that needs to be arranged and the unfamiliarity of the new area can cause a tremendous amount of stress.

Dealing with the loss of those closest to us can leave a void in our life that seems almost impossible to fill or bridge due to the tidal wave of emotions that swirl around us for a considerable amount of time.


The breakup of long term relationships forces many of us into a change of lifestyle, surroundings and familiar people. A change in our social network or lack of social network and a feeling of lack of emotional support can make even the strongest person feel lonely and isolated.

Emotional welfare

Emotional problems can be extremely difficult to let go of such as holding on to anger, suffering from low self-esteem or dealing with grief. The longer we hold on to these emotional states, the more the stress is compounded.

Main causes of stress

Environmental Stress


The area where we live can have a major impact on our stress levels.  Living in an area that is run down with poor housing conditions or high crime rates can cause increased levels of anxiety and stress.

Social standing

Feeling marginalized because of race, colour or sexual orientation, amongst other things can lead to feelings of loneliness.

Work related stress

Job role

Long hours, hectic schedules and job roles that aren´t clearly defined are amongst a number of other work related issues that can lead to long term stress.


Losing your job at any time of life or long term unemployment, can accelerate stress levels. Worrying about the future and not having money for life´s essentials over prolonged periods can lead to a loss of confidence and increased stress.

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