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It´s a Question of Attitude

The complexity of attitude has not been far from my thoughts recently. The reasons don´t need to be discussed on an open forum such as this. Nevertheless, my character and attitude have both been tested recently. I believe that it's up to other people to talk about your character and not something that you should self-promote and so I will leave that to others to choose, for good or for bad.

I wrote this because I was speaking with someone over the last couple of days who has displayed a remarkably positive attitude and stayed strong under tremendously difficult circumstances. It was this conversation that gave me a reality check and caused me to reflect positively on a similar situation of my own.

How to develop a positive attitude

Attitude is contagious. Make sure you catch the right one.

Having a good attitude will not let you do absolutely everything but it will let you do everything better than having a bad one. If you do the best you can, at the things you do, with a positive attitude, the odds are seriously stacked in your favour of getting a favourable outcome.

What is a good attitude?

Please understand, there is a big difference between having a bad day and having a bad attitude. I'm not saying that you can't get down sometimes. This is a basic human factor. We are driven by complex emotions. However, I firmly believe that you have a choice to stay down or start moving forward.

Sometimes those steps forward may be small. Sometimes you may feel that you're not making any progress. This is absolutely not the case. Everything you do or don't do, is moving you further away or further towards your desired result.

You have the choice to respond or react

This is a choice that we are faced with many times throughout life's encounters. The art of reflection is a wonderful thing and equips you with the skills to get through similar situations in future occurrences.

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude. Oprah Winfrey

A Clear Perspective

Our approach to difficult situations is often a direct result of our emotional attitude. When life is getting you down as it sometimes does, it can leave you feeling a little fatigued. When we are tired we tend to think less clearly, exaggerate the negative aspects, approach problems differently and act out of character. The compounding effect of all of those factors is that we often give a knee jerk reaction to the problem, thinking that we are tough and strong. The reality is that we have just made a decision when we were at our weakest and most vulnerable. Invariably, it's a wrong decision that sets you back even further.

The bright side is that there is always another perspective. It might be more difficult. It might take more time. Indeed, progress might be slow. However, responding to the situation and making a balanced decision based on all the evidence you have will usually put you on the right track.

I´m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. The reason at times might not be clear but it´s up to you to deal with the situation the best way you possibly can to get the best results you possibly can for YOU. In those tough situations YOU are the only thing that matters.

looking froma different perspective

What's the Difference?

The difference is quite simple really. In general if your body reacts to something it's seen as negative. If your body is responding to something it´s seen as positive. And so the very same can be said for our way of thinking and attitude.

Responding Versus Reacting


Have you ever been tired, feeling unwell, stressed through pressing circumstances or weighed down by someone causing you undue stress? In these situations we often don´t think as clearly as we should and we give a knee jerk reaction. Nothing is going to set you back quicker and add fuel to the fire like an ill timed knee jerk reaction.


Responding in a dignified manner and not letting the other person bring you down will pay dividends in the end. Don´t rise to the bait. Rise above the circumstances. Don't release a volley straight back at the problem. Step back. THINK and control your response. It may not propel you forward straight away but it will build your confidence as you realise you have more control over the situation than you previously thought when you thought everything was collapsing around you.

Responding diffuses the situation and the reaction compounds the problem.

It's ok to Have Had enough

Very few things in life are permanent and most but certainly not all problems have a solution. Our attitude plays a vital role in finding and putting that solution into working practice. In our working environment and personal lives our attitude towards others and the problems we are facing help clear the mist and find a path in the right direction.

It won't always be easy and there may be times when you question yourself and whether all your efforts are worth it but don't give up.

There is a big difference between knowing when you've had enough and giving up. Sometimes we need to give up on people and situations because they sap the energy out of you and leave you with no alternative but to move forward without them. Don´t feel guilty. You owe it to yourself and to all you hold dear, to build a better you.

Posive thoughts get positive results

One Final Thought

Whatever or whoever it was that contributed to your problem, needs to be left behind. You can't guarantee what other people will say or how they will behave but this shouldn't be your concern. Stay true to yourself. Stay true to you values and stay true to your course of action with the best possible attitude you can muster under the difficult circumstances. Although you can't always see it at the time, things have a habit of working out the for the best for those who do their best. Sometimes these situations bring a change circumstances for the better. You never know what life will throw at you or who will try to bring you down.

What I do know is this: There is something about someone with a good attitude that makes everything seem possible. People want to be around them and people want to help them. Sometimes when you do the right things, with the right attitude, the right things come your way. You may be surprised at what new opportunities come your way and the new people who want to be part of that journey.

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