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Impossible is Nothing

Problems! We all have them to greater or lesser degrees. Some may be small trivial problems occurring one after the other, that get a hold on you and drag you down. Others may seem to be insurmountable and cause you stress and anxiety.

Life throws many challenges at us. It´s part of how we learn, grow and develop in character. Other than life threatening illnesses, of which I´m not qualified to talk about, most problems have a solution. At the beginning, the solution may only be short term and far from ideal but with the art of reflective practice and practical application, we can at least start to move forward.

A Quote from the Legend Muhammad Ali

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they´ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It´s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It´s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

Impossible is nothing

It really is about perspective and the ability to see the same situation from varying vantage points. Looking at the problem from different perspectives, sheds light on areas and probable courses of action that will remain hidden if you continue to look at the problem from the same angle.

When things are going your way, it´s easy to adopt a positive attitude. However, when life is wearing you down, it´s difficult to fix your attention towards finding a workable solution. Difficult but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.  One thing I´m absolutely clear on is that if you want to change your situation, you have to change your way of thinking. If you continually think and act in the same way, things are unlikely to change for the better any time soon.

Worrying about your problems will only compound the stress and anxiety, as when we worry we don´t think as clear and often out of despair, we misjudge situations and ignore possible solutions. Easier said than done I know but I firmly believe that focusing on moving forward is the best course of action. I whole heartedly agree that it´s sometimes the most difficult thing to do but it´s benefits far outweigh the results that focusing on the negatives or procrastinating offer.

What stands between you and your “Mission Possible?”

There are a different forms of obstacles and you can use the acronym STEEP to identify them


The complexities of human nature are at the very heart of social obstacles. It´s sometimes difficult to legislate how people will behave or worse still give any kind of positive contribution to eliminating the obstacle.

Call to Action

A strong communication process is key here. Identifying the key players in your network based on skill strengths and knowledge for each part of your journey and setting out clear needs, will go some way to removing social obstacles. You can´t control everything but you can enlist the help of those who can pull some strings to make it easier.          


Timing is a key fundamental in overcoming obstacles and achieving your desires. Sometimes you may question the unfortunate timing of events. In truth, I have questioned this many times myself over the years but I have come to believe one thing; what´s meant for you, won´t go passed you.

Call to Action

Two things play a big part here; patience and planning. You may not be able to achieve your heart’s desire right now but that doesn´t mean that it´s not meant for you. Set a realistic time scaled plan and have the patience to see it through.


These are the mushrooms (I´ll explain that one another time, unless you are already familiar with the Chinese Mahjong oracle), the unexpected circumstances or imposed conditions. As these obstacles are unexpected, they very often throw us because we weren´t prepared for them.

Call to Action

The very nature of hidden obstacles means that you can´t predict what the problem will be or when it will surface. However, what you can try to do is plan effectively and cover all likely scenarios, no matter how outlandish they may appear.


True, not every goal and dream is determined by economic factors but many are. Even small personal goals are often governed by budgetary constraints.

Call to Action

You may have to start off smaller than you wanted to. You may even have to delay the instant gratification of achievement and re-evaluate your time scale and plan.


Many of these can be psychologically rooted and it is these self-limiting habits driven by emotions, fears of rejection or failure and beliefs engraved in our minds as a result of previous experiences that hold us back. These include but are not limited to:

  • Procrastination
  • Pessimism
  • Lack of direction
  • Fear of change
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Seeking perfectionism
  • Blaming everything and everyone else around you

Call to Action

We are dealing with human nature here and so it´s a complex area but for every personal weak point, it´s a good idea to identify a personal strength. Exploit your strengths and work on developing your weaker areas.

Analyzing solutions to problems

Watch Your Thoughts

If you have read any of my earlier posts, you may have gathered that I´m a firm believer in positive thinking. The way you approach overcoming your obstacles is very much determined by the way you think of them. The words and actions we use are a direct result of our thinking.

If you noted down your actions to overcoming obstacles and recorded and analysed your self-talk, what would you find?

You may well find that your dialogue and behaviours are alarmingly self-defeating. If this is so, then it´s time to change what we allow into our minds.

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” William Shakespeare.

There is something about the power of positive thinking that illuminates darkened paths. Many of you may not be religious and choose not to believe in the power of prayer. That´s ok. It´s your choice. What you can´t ignore is that the power of positive focus provides positive options, which turn into positive solutions that provide positive results.

Some Final Thoughts

My overall mission for you reading this is: Dare to Dream

Obstacles are there to make the end goal more satisfying and rewarding. People may well laugh at your dreams. They may even try to deter you by giving ill-informed advice based on what they read or heard somewhere and their own worldly experience. I find it amusing how some people are authorities on other people´s dreams and plans but fail to execute any of their own. I choose not to listen to people who tell me that things can´t be done or that find a problem for every solution. I can get that kind of free advice anywhere.

In my mind there are only two types of people to talk things over with: Those who have done what it is that you want to do and those who have paid the price that you want to pay. By price, I don´t necessarily mean a monetary cost. I mean the time, patience, the late nights, the early mornings, the tantrums and the tears. Mostly though, I mean the people who have an unwavering determination to strive for their dream and pursue those things that they hold dear, regardless of the circumstances and cruel blows that life sometimes sends our way.

May all your dreams come true!

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