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You Are Protected

We Bank Our Reputation On It!!

You Are Protected

We Bank Our Reputation On It!

This site is protected by an SSL certificate

You might be wondering what an SSL certificate is. You may even be familiar with the term SSL but are not sure exactly what one does or why a site would need one.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer. Don´t get confused, it simply means that visitors to this site can browse, buy products and share information SAFELY through a secure connection.

An SSL certificate is there to protect YOU

Remember the recent cyber-attack that affected over 200,000 computers in 150 countries? Hackers don´t discriminate. Whether you are a one-person operation or a multi-national company, hackers look for sites that are vulnerable and then go to work on your site.

An SSL certificate stops this site being vulnerable to hackers

How many times have you been sitting in a public place taking advantage of the free wifi? While you are online, any computer between you and the server you are using could potentially see ALL the personal data on your laptop or any other electronic device. Unless of course you have an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate encrypts all the data so that it can´t be read by another computer.


It´s easy to see if a website has an SSL certificate. Http has been replaced by https. Just look for this:

Cash In Debt Out Takes Your Personal Data Seriously

Because this website carries personal information, I am required to have an SSL certificate to keep your data safe. Even if I wasn´t required to have one, knowing what you now know, would you honestly want to do business with someone that didn´t have an SSL certificate on their website? Of course not.

The SSL certificate on Cash In Debt Out means that you will not be open to:

  1. Hackers
  2. Identity thieves
  3. Scammers
  4. Password theft
  5. Login theft
  6. Your Personal Details are Protected on Cash In Debt Out

Even for FREE courses that don´t require any payment details, your personal information is protected safely on this website. This means that the information that you provide on any web based forms that you fill in on this site will be fully protected by my SSL certificate.

These details could include:

  1. Name and address
  2. Phone number
  3. Email address
  4. Employment history


Overview of the benefits of having an SSL certificate

  1. Secure login and passwords
  2. Secure on credit and debit card transactions
  3. Secure file sharing
  4. Secure uploading of personal details on web based forms

Don´t put your personal details at risk. Always make sure that you are dealing with a site that uses an SSL certificate to protect your details.

Look for the green lock.

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