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The Power of Focus

It´s About What You Can do and Not What You Can´t Focus, by definition is the centre of interest or activity, or to pay particular attention to something. It is focusing on the right things and following with the right actions that propels us in the right direction....

How to Break Bad Habits

Why Is Changing a Habit So Difficult? Habits. We all have them, for good or for bad. Falling into the habit of something, in particular a bad one, is an easy thing to do. That is to say, it´s easier to fall into a bad habit than a good one. Good habits take...

Main Causes of Stress

Main Causes of Stress Many things can cause stress. Some of these are normal events such as a job interview, delivering a presentation or taking your driving test. In isolation, it´s perfectly normal to feel stressed under these circumstances. The ugly truth about...

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