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Who Is Sean Thomas??

Knowledge Changes Everything!!

About Me

Welcome to Cash In Debt Out and thanks for taking time to stop by and have a look around. I just want to take a moment to introduce myself by giving you a little background about me and why I started this site. My name is Sean and I am the site owner and author of the content. This site has been developed to help all those people like you who have a thirst for information on how to develop current skills and or learn new ones. One question I often get asked about my site is “why cash in debt out?” It sounds more like a debt consolidation site. For me it was a simple choice. In today’s uncertain economic times people are looking to learn new skills and new ways to make some extra money. Whether you are looking to change careers or looking for a promotion you will find information on this site that will equip you with the skills to do so. You may even be looking to start up your own business or take to writing and publish your books. I will show you how to do that too. Making money from new found skills is exciting. All you need is the information on how to do it. Knowledge changes everything With 30 years invested in training and development across 10 countries, the information contained on this site has been born through experience. Those experiences have not always run smoothly and there have been many setbacks and mistakes over the years. In truth, those mistakes often provided the biggest learning outcomes. In fact, mistakes are at the very heart of my journey and without them I wouldn´t have been able to embark on my quest to help others develop their personal or career skills.

How I Started

I have always liked to share information and help people with things that they find difficult. Being involved in someone´s development provides a special feeling and a win win situation for everyone involved. Your success is my success. However, I entered the world of training and development by accident. Working as a salesperson, I was called into the boss´s office for a meeting. There were only two reasons that you got called there and as my recent performance had been neither fantastic nor drastic, I was a little confused. As the conversation developed it became apparent that there was a new training and development role about to open. Then came the words that I was wanting to hear; “I want you to do the job.” Feeling very pleased, I puffed my chest out and straightened my tie, only to be brought right back down to earth. “The reason I want you to do the job is that you have made more mistakes than anyone I know.” Although I didn´t see it at the time, there was good value in the comment and certainly plenty of truth. His theory was that if you have made mistakes, it should be easier to see when others have made them or about to make them. Add to that the benefit of experience helps you to provide solutions to correct the mistakes and get back on track.

Wise Words

In 1997, I was lucky enough to meet both Brian Tracy and the late great Zig Ziglar at a conference in Nashville Tennessee. Both seminars were outstanding and I took away one big message from each of those motivational speaking legends. Brian Tracy totally transformed the way in which I now set my life and business goals and Zig Ziglar wrote something in one of the books that I purchased from him. What he wrote has stuck with me throughout my entire career. “You Sean will get everything you want in life if you will just help enough people get what they want.” That book is amongst my most prized possessions and its teachings have become the core principles on which I operate.

My Vision

My vision is clear. I want to help people communicate more effectively to build stronger relationships both in and out of the workplace.

It´s a competitive world and we often judge ourselves by the achievements of others. I have always believed that this is wrong. You are not judged on how good you are, compared to how good someone else is. They may have twice the skills and twice the experience that you have. You are judged on how good you are compared to how good you could be if you put your mind to it. And that my friend is my first goal for you. I want to help you showcase a better version of you to the world. Throughout my career in every country that I have provided training and development, irrespective of the language, one thing is clear; people are eager to enhance their career prospects by developing their skills. Given that the ability to communicate effectively is the number 1 sought after skill by employers, it´s little wonder that more and more people across the globe are turning to eBooks and online courses to learn new skills. It´s for that very reason that I created this site. Cash In Debt Out was created for everyone who is hungry for information on how to further your career prospects and build a better lifestyle. From creating your first CV and cover letter to running management meetings, this site is packed with information to help you communicate more effectively. By adopting the principles you learn from the material on this site, you will not only get better results in the workplace but you will feel more confident outside of the workplace too. These skills are transferable across many industries and as you practice them you will grow from strength to strength. People are quick to judge these days. We judge others without knowing the circumstances that they are living under. By practicing the key fundamentals of effective communication available on this site, you will learn how to be more emotionally aware of issues that surround events and situations that can are often difficult to deal with.

Take a Look Around

Feel free to browse around the site and have a look at the content. If you want to head over to the blog section, you will see posts on topics including motivation; building workplace relationships and many others relating to effective communication. Join in the discussions and take part in a healthy debate where you can share ideas with other members of the community. You can sign up for my free newsletter and other free goodies here. If you have any suggestions about courses or books that you would like to see on my site, you can leave your suggestions here. Wishing you every success Sean

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