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The Most Common Mistakes While Setting Goals

Goal setting is essential to achieve success. Although, many people understand the importance of setting goals and it is very common for people to do so, their goals are often made with a number of common mistakes. These mistakes work against the desire to achieve goals and are counterproductive to the overall mission.

Goal Setting

5 Common Goal Setting Mistakes

The first mistake people make is that they often set goals that are too vague. For example, I want to be the best at what I do. It´s very admirable but there is nothing concrete about the goal. These types of goals are vague because there is no definite plan of action. Most of the time, these goals only lead to disappointment as they don´t lead to any form of success.

The second common mistake is setting deadlines that are unrealistic. Very few people have the capacity to estimate accurately. Some people set very tight deadlines thinking that this will spur them on to achieve success quickly.  However, when the reality of a tight unrealistic deadline sinks in, they are consumed by pressure. This pressure often leads to errors due to a desperate attempt to achieve the goal in an unrealistic time frame. 

The third mistake is that people often set boundaries and limitations for themselves when trying to achieve goals. These limitations stifle the opportunity for growth. During goal setting periods, you should be positively stretching your capabilities and experiences. These new-found skills will boost your confidence and encourage you to move further towards your goal.

The fourth common mistake that people make is that they discuss their goals with the wrong people. You should be seeking out people who have done what it is that you want to do and draw strength from their experience. Stay away from the doom and gloomers who only want to give you reasons why things can´t be done. Furthermore, people often give advice with good intentions but unless they are in a position to give sound quality advice, it´s probably best not to seek their counsel. Acting on wrong information or advice will only hinder your progress.  

Last but not the least, common mistake number five. I hinted at this one in the first mistake. Most people do not have a good solid action plan to reach the goal. Without a realistic action plan, your goal is merely a wish. In other words, you cannot call anything a goal until you have a thought it through and set a plan down on paper. The key is thinking the plan through and not rushing it. Planning takes time, patience, hard work and often, detailed research. I go with the theory that what starts out wrong, ends up wrong. Having a detailed plan will increase the odds of you achieving your goal dramatically. Executing your plan with the right mindset and at the right time is an important factor in realizing your goals.

So, there you have it. The five common mistakes that people make when they are setting goals. Now that we have identified them, it should be easier not to make them. Having said that, it doesn´t mean that it will be all plain sailing from here. You will still have challenges and setbacks, but you will be better equipped to deal with them.

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